You can feel the buzz in the air when you walk through the door. The tingle. The static. The little hairs on your arm standing up on end. You get this feeling a few different ways – here are two:

One: Obstacles

Something is not quite right. Perhaps you can’t put your finger on it yet, but there’s something out of place. Perhaps there’s not enough time in the day to get work done. Perhaps it’s the plethora of projects that are not finished. It could be that you don’t feel like you have the support you need from your peers or supervisor. It could be confidence in your own skills or perhaps it’s be awhile since you’ve needed to use the skill that now seems required.

No one likes to feel pressured, stressed, even alone in their work. You don’t have to, either. Get ahead of the curve by planning time to plan your time. Get those projects on the calendar, set aside the time needed, and mentally prepare and focus for success. A positive mental attitude is critical, followed by careful planning, and willingness to be flexible. The only sure thing about plans is that if you are doing them right, they’ll change, and that’s okay.

Two: Opportunities

There is tangible excitement here. People are moving, they’re working, they’re happy – even overjoyed – to be involved in whatever this is they’re doing. What are they doing? You glance around at a few monitors as you cruise down the hall. Tickets, spreadsheets, SAP, the guy at the end of the row just flipped his phone over, face down, to hide the notifications on his screen.

Being busy isn’t everything. Doing work that matters and being satisfied in it sure can be. As one of our vendors claims, “smarter people do smarter things.” Certainly, it would be good to be smarter every day. Learning from your coworkers, your knowledge resources, your experiences – all beneficial to enabling a lifetime of learning.


The values and beliefs that a company holds dear can be sensed long before new hire training. They’re tangible and apparent when you walk through the door. These pieces of our culture are not just printed words on a page, or heard in an All Hands, but they are felt as you walk the halls. Studies repeatedly show that employees in nearly every industry and every company want to be engaged and want to have a sense of loyalty. Having a culture of learning has the greatest impact on this.

Find a way today, this week, this month, and all year long, to invest in yourself and in your future. Use the resources provided for continuous learning. Not just doing what’s required, but setting aside time to go beyond that – empowering yourself and then sharing that knowledge and experience with others. Empowering each other.

What will you learn today?

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