in Learning and Development

What a ride! I’m beyond excited about the changes happening at work, through our new training and development program which I’ve been selected to lead.

We’ve been live in our new learning management system, Bridge Learn, for 6 months now, and our associates (the best of the best, IMHO) have done some amazing things, including:

  • 93% engagement with the platform – 354 out of our 381 current learners/users have logged in to the LMS and engaged with the course content in some way.
  • 3,359 hours spent on learning – not just logged in but actively participating in course content online and offline.
  • 7,273 courses created or curated by our authoring team, plus 25 live training events offered.
  • 201 current and past learners having completed 1,094 courses that they were not required to take (That’s 47% of the company who is going above and beyond!).
  • 426 current and past learners having completed 4,304 courses that were required.

All in all, the implementation of this new system was friction-free and has provided numerous benefits. In addition to the new skills being attained and milestones achieved by our associates, I’ve also learned new ways of tracking progress and measuring training success, enabling me to guide our program to solve real-world business problems and empower associates to have personal responsibility for their learning.

I cannot (and wouldn’t want to) take all the credit and I am very grateful for a leadership team that is inspiring, respectful, and responsive not only to the business, but to the development of our associates.

Go team!