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Story time with Kenneth and Carol

In a way that only God could do, two hearts have been knit together, stitch by stitch, smile by smile, wink by wink, tear by tear, hug by hug, word by word, trial by trial, and two bodies, believed to have two souls, now realize that in many ways — they are the same soul.

In a symphony of trills, turns, and glissandos; conducted through several verses, choruses, and a few repeats; orchestrated in idomatic perfection placing all the right accents and dynamics in all the right places; bringing the voices together in joyful noise, and sometimes perfect harmony; two platonic friends have enjoyed a journey of highs and lows, sung forte and piano, slurred and staccato, played out before an audience of thousands. During this sonata both sides experienced joy and trouble, happiness and trials, love and loss — and through it all chose to put God first. Neither perfectly executing our Christian faith, but genuinely trusting God to renew His mercies every morning and allow us another chance to serve and honor Him each new day.

God has been so good in so many ways to allow us to learn from experiences along the way, to be exposed to many great and some poor examples of the human experience, and to practice Christian love in a way that uniquely prepared us for each other. So many wonderful people are praying right now, praying for our relationship to be united in a way that only God can complete, praying for love, and patience, and spiritual growth. Some have commented on how fast things are moving. How can we get engaged after less than a week of dating?

The real question is — why couldn’t we get engaged so quickly? When the puzzle pieces fit together, showing God’s hand in our lives, and the peace that passeth all understanding rests so quietly on our hearts, how can we not follow God’s lead?

I don’t say this to critique, but rather to allow me to share God’s greatness. Perhaps through this story you’ll be able to see His hand.

Each of us have been praying for God’s will for a long time. Granted, our sincerity and urgency has varied over the years, but still — there is a hole created by God in our hearts that only a very special someone can fill. So we set out in prayer asking God to provide our future spouse in His timing.

We know His timing is perfect, we know His will is perfect, and we know that: “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.”

We know that God wants our faith, our trust, and our hearts to be fully invested in Him. He wants us to trust Him with everything, including the little things and the most important things. Where does a spouse fall into this range? Surely you can see that this is a serious matter.

He doesn’t promise to give us only what we can handle, but rather, He gives us a little more, so that we can learn to rely on Him.

I’ve found that the more I decide to finally, fully, trust Him with, the more He proves Himself to me.

I gave Him my tithe – He gave me financial peace.

I gave Him my hands in ministry – He gave me a heart for people and service.

I gave Him my mind – He gave me wisdom and reminders to think before reacting and speaking.

I gave Him my desire for a future spouse – He gave me Carol Person.

It gets better, though.

God knows that we humans need time. We need time to learn, to heal, to repent, to turn from sin, to learn to love, to pray, to trust – to do anything. He also knows that in our frailty, we like to see Him, to see progress, to see a sign that we can know He is real and that He is working for us – no, with us.

God hasn’t let the grass grow under the footsteps of our efforts.

I’ve given money before, but when He saw the sincerity of my effort to be faithful and frequent in giving – He gave financial peace and freedom.

I’ve served in ministry before, but when he saw the consistency of my effort to love people – He gave me more and more desire to minister.

I’ve given Him my mind and my thoughts before, but when He saw the deliberate and concrete steps toward Him – He opened my eyes to see His arms open wide, and gave me more of a desire to know Him deeper.

I’ve loved before, but when He saw that I was ready to fully trust Him in EVERY part of the process of living out my dreams with a future family – He flipped the ‘on’ switch in each of our hearts to allow us to take the next step, from platonic friendship to a romantic interest.

He is faithful and just. God is so good to us. This is truly the start of something new.

What has God done in your life lately? Are you trusting Him to provide your needs, or are you still trying to get it done on your own?

Love God, Love others, Love yourself,

    • Loving God with your whole hearts and trusting in his wisdom.
      now you are both granted the union you have both prayed for. Now praying your love endures forever in Psalms 136 I dedicate to you both!Our God is so faithful to those that love him and praise him with our whole hearts.

  1. It is beautiful that you are writing these feelings. May I offer a suggestion. Keep these writings in a book. Regularly, together, reread them to each other. This will bring you back to the beginning of your love, when it was ‘hot’ and help you to keep it ‘hot.’

    • Wonderfuly written Kenneth. I wish nothing but the best for you and Carol. You two are wonderful people and I am so grateful to have met the both of you. God Bless You Both!
      I agree with Judy about writing the feelings in a book and revisit often.

  2. That’s a beautiful reminder to me again. To trust that the Lord will deliver in his time. So excited for you guys.

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