Hi, I’m Kenneth Baucum. A lifelong learning champion & certified training manager in Tulsa.

My Message

I love sharing knowledge. I enjoy empowering people and teams to do great things. I help build bridges between people and technology.

As a Certified Professional in Training Management, and organizational development manager, I aspire to inspire people and teams to do amazing work – aligned strategically with their core values. By using technology when appropriate, and implementing training solutions that work, I believe we can change this world into the one we want to pass on to future generations, together.

I have been actively serving our community for nearly two decades. As a search and rescue volunteer, a church media volunteer, and a professional training facilitator, I am passionate about making our world a better place for our families, co-workers – and for the future.

We are building bridges. Build a bridge with me for FREE by scheduling a quick call at: https://calendly.com/kennethbaucum/15min to talk about your needs and how I can help you succeed. 

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Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.


As an organizational development manager, I have helped develop workshops and programs that have transformed the way employee’s access and share knowledge. With a background in IT and consulting, I also provide clarity and insights to help leverage technology in appropriate ways – because one size doesn’t fit all.


I have been involved in training alongside many roles in his varied career. From owning my own computer repair business, to call center, to IT and HR, I am a strong leader, skilled in media production – always striving to create engaging and professional learning experiences to establish real change.


I currently serve as the president of a non-profit, and take a grassroots approach to instilling a love for great work, backing it up with an enthusiasm and dedication to excellence in training management.


Having served for several years as an subject matter expert in the IT and HR space, I create excellence by promoting personal development, productive conflict, personal accountability, and lifelong learning.

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