in, Self-Improvement

IMG_8476I am thankful for heroes young and old who have laid down their lives in sacrifice for my American freedom.  Words could never completely express the thankfulness that I feel for this wonderful life I live.  God helped our Founding Father’s to gather the people together as one nation, under God’s authority, with freedom to worship how they choose, speak how they choose and protect themselves against tyranny, injustice  and people who would wish to harm them.  In so many ways, we are straying from our original values and replacing them with big government, higher taxes and corporate and government corruption that can only lead us to destruction.  While this is certainly a thought worth talking about and being passionate about fixing, that’s not what I wish to write about on this day.

IMG_8493America is a nation that has built itself from the ground up by ruthlessly defending the things it claims to believe in.  While leaders don’t always make the right choices, they are our leaders and deserve our respect in that position.  I wrote a song during the summer of 2003 entitled, “For God and Country”.  I was able to pull out the music for it just a couple days ago and it nearly brought tears to my eyes as I remembered the condition of my heart and life when I wrote that song, and where I am now.  Then I thought of the bigger picture.  What about America in the last 13 years?  Where have we gone?  Where are we going?  “For God and Country, I will stand.”

IMG_6993What do you think of when you see an American flag?  What does it represent to you?  Not just today, but everyday.  Does it remind you, every time you look at it, of the price paid for your freedom?  I do my best to remember each time I pass an American flag that there was a person that fought with all their heart, mind and soul — and sometimes their life — to make it possible for that flag to be flown.  The flag illustrates a unique and rich history of Patriots willing to do whatever it takes to be free.  Some gave their freedom away, others gave their lives.  I know someone else who gave His life for our freedom, too.  I hope I will never forget about the price He paid for my freedom.  Ultimate Freedom.  Eternal Freedom.  My prayer is that God will bless America.  God, please forgive us where we sin and help us to strive to be One Nation Under God.