old friends

Meeting up with old friend is usually more fun than can ever be imagined. Make a conscious effort to keep up with people and make genuine contact with them often. You don’t want to be the guy that only comes around when he needs something.

When was the last time you said “hello” to your college band director, high school math teacher, coworker across the hall or friend in the room next door? Let them know they are valuable and remind them of the influence they have on others. Friends play a special role in each person’s life. While you have hundreds if not thousands of acquaintances, only a friend can get away with setting the record straight and can get in your face about fixing yourself when things don’t go right. Sure it hurts for a little bit, but its for the better. Right? Let them help you — and you help them.

So stop reading and go write a note to your friend…that’s what I’m doing!

Originally posted Nov 14, 2008