in Self-Improvement

“Maybe Rain”

        by Terry Esau
What’a doin’?
Standing in the rain.
You’re gonna get wet.
I know, I’m hoping to.
You could catch a cold.
Wanna borrow my umbrella?
No thanks.
Why not?
Then I wouldn’t get wet.
You’re crazy.
What’s so great about getting wet?
What’s so great about being dry?
Dry is comfortable.
Dry is safe.
Safe is good.
You like the danger of walking in storms?
Life is a storm.
So you just walk straight through it?
If I wouldn’t, it would walk through me.
Do you feel safe in the storm?
You know there could be lighting.
I know.
If it hit you, you’d be a goner.
Aren’t you scared?
Whoa! Did you hear that one?
Couldn’t ‘a missed it.
It’s getting closer.
I hope so…I think.
I suppose you’re gonna stick it out?
What does it feel like, the storm?
Scary, thrilling , refreshing.
How do you know the storm will pass?
I don’t, but it probably will.
Will you miss it when it’s gone?
What do think of me coming out there?
I think I’d like that.
Should I bring the umbrella?
If you want.
Do you think I need it?
The poem you read above is from Terry Esau’s book, “Surprise Me.”  It reminds me that there are times in life to celebrate, times in life to learn, to love and to be loved.  There are times when no one else will understand you and when you will be the only one who understands someone else.  Keep that in mind as you interact with your friends.  If they’re going through a tough day or trying to ride over the waves in a rough situation — think back — remember this poem and be a friend.
“…but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” -Proverbs 18: 24
-This article originally published here June 17th, 2009