in, Self-Improvement


I hope this gets delivered on time.  I hope they can see past the rhyme and meditate on the reason for this letter.

Why would anyone want to follow me to Christ, if I’m not living right — and my life, compared to theirs, is looking no better?  If I point to the cross with my talk, but I’m just as lost because my walk doesn’t seem to match what I say I believe.  I can’t influence if I’m not the example.

My conduct, my speech, my love, my purity, makes the gospel tangible.  If God wants to reproduce himself through my life, then ALL the time, I’ve have to be the evidence of the reality of Christ.

I guess I’ll stop writing now, even though I have so much more to say.

Sincerely yours,

Phil Kenneth

P.S. — God so loved the world that he gave his son away, live like it.

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