in, Self-Improvement

I miss (in chronological order, of course):

Sitting around all day and not getting in trouble for it

Sitting in large Tonka trucks

“Upgrading” from pushing Tonka trucks to riding tricycles

Riding my tricycle to the back door to eat Alphabet Soup for lunch

Getting excited about a new playground at school

Building cities in the backyard after school

Driving matchbox cars through the cities I built

Burying the matchbox cars I drove in the dirt

Digging up the cars

Blowing up the cars

Building the largest possible structures and vehicles with Legos

Having to put the Legos away

Not putting them all away

Playing with a few of the Legos as quietly as I could, so no one would notice

Hearing music and wondering how it worked

Learning to play music on a recorder

Playing violin, viola, cello and bass, and not being able to decide which was my favorite

Wanting a louder instrument

Picking trumpet

Playing in a band

Making a “joyful noise” often, but mom and dad always being supportive

Playing “Oregon Trail” on a two-color monitor and computer using real “floppy” disks

Wondering how computers work

Taking electronics apart, and putting them together again

Getting pulled out of class to fix teacher’s computers (since public school IT department was not in any hurry to do it themselves)

Deciding that piano is not just for girls

Writing my first song

Playing my composition for my friends

Realizing that girls don’t have cooties after all

Making friends for life

Beginning a journey to become “something” in life

Becoming passionate about technology and music

Marching Band

Building a business

Leaving my mark of passion on each job I finished

Moving out of my parent’s house

Realizing how much home means to me

But life is not supposed to be spent focusing on the past, but learning from it, and moving forward each day

Each day starting fresh, clean and new, allowing you to try and become the person you want to be.  “Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.”

I look forward to . . .

Writing a book

Composing my masterpiece

Finding the love of my life

Creating my future

. . . Tomorrow.