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Sometimes an expression of gratitude seems inadequate.  I’ve noticed that when one person tells another thank you, it usually comes from the heart: which is not a bad place to start.  Of course, the ever-popular thanks comes in sometimes as well.  It seems to me, however, that thanks doesn’t cut down into where it needs to go to be meaningful to the recipient.  Thank you is a personal expression.  Thanks is like a group of potential personal expressions, none of which may be assigned to you at this moment.

Now, what do you do when thank you is not enough?  Sometimes a person plays a special role that cannot be adequately rewarded with words.  A person who is not a significant other, but is truly significant and merits a special acknowledgement of your gratitude, but usally is not looking for it, or even wanting it.  You have to sneak in thank yous to these people.

So, next time you want to say to someone that they have done a great job, or have played a meaningful part in your life, please use more than one word to express yourself, and if you have to, sneak it in…