in Self-Improvement

I came across a screenshot on the web a few weeks ago and every time I see it again, I tear up at the thought of the mental and emotional war that someone must be going though to endure the physical pain that creates battle scars.


I wonder, has my trouble been bad enough that this would have become an option for me? Is their trouble so much worse than mine that this became an option for them? How hurt do you have to feel to decide to vent your frustrations in this way?

You know what? It doesn’t matter. We all have trouble, we all need to vent, we all need to find resolution.

We all need a hug.

Whether you have battle scars, or you know someone who does — go give a hug away. Go love people. Go show someone a judgement-free, i-get-it, it’s-going-to-be-okay kind of hug.

If you are considering creating some battle scars — let me encourage you: don’t start now. There are other ways to deal with the stress, the problems, and the bullies in this world. Let’s talk about the options before you step down this road. You have friends and family who will listen. It might not be the usual crowd, and maybe that’s how you got here — but there is someone, just look for the one who’s smiling – look for the one who is holding the invisible sign, “free hugs.”

I’ve got a sign, and I’ll make one for you, too.

Free hugs. Choose hugs over battle scars. You are strong, you are beautiful, you are worth it, and you are loved.

My arms are wide open.


If this post resonates with you, please share it. If this post causes you to want to hug someone, go hug them. If this post offends you, I’m sorry – it’s written by someone with no battle scars on his wrists, only figurative ones on his heart from being burdened to help, and not always feeling empowered to do so. A hug has changed my outlook many times. Let it change yours, too.