In With the New: Partnering With HR on Employee Onboarding

Managing change is hard. Whether the change is in organizational structure, personnel, benefits or systems, we’re familiar with the burden of overcoming the learning curve for the Next Great Thing.

Across the nation, businesses are fighting to keep great talent and working hard to bring in better talent than they’ve had before. They are looking for strategic growth opportunities, and the companies that thrive are engaging and retaining their talent pool through effective onboarding and training — and an overall improvement in the employee experience.

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Article written by Kenneth Baucum, CPTM

4 Tips to Run Your Training Department Like a Business

Many learning leaders are operating consulting businesses of their own or operating training departments of one. If you’re one of them, here are four tips on how to run your training department as if it were a business of its own.

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This article was written by Kenneth Baucum, CPTM

Training 2020: Learning Leaders Look Toward a New Decade

Now that the rush of the holidays is over and we’re fully back into the swing of things at work, let’s take a moment to reflect on 2019 and plan a new year in training. We asked learning leaders to share their thoughts at the start of 2020; here’s what they had to say.


Kenneth Baucum, CPTM was interviewed for this article.

Learning and Development Project Checklist

As learning professionals, we know that we are often in the public eye, perhaps under some level of scrutiny to be an example of what we want to teach and instill in others. Much like how leaders must practice what they preach, we must be able to create and use job aids and keep reminders handy to help ourselves — just as we do to help our learners.


An article written by Kenneth Baucum, CPTM

Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Understanding Training Needs

Learning professionals around the world seem to share many of the same struggles, at least on occasion. One of those struggles is understanding the underlying business needs that drive requests for training programs or events. We must do our best to understand the root causes of these requests in order to realize our impact on the business in behavior changes and, ultimately, some form of return on investment.


An article written by Kenneth Baucum, CPTM

A Spotlight on your Professional Development: An Open Exchange with Training Management Experts

Training professionals tend to prioritize the development of others, but their own professional growth is essential to the continued success of their training organizations.

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry webinar, sponsored by the Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM™) program and hosted by Marisa Shapiro, director of professional development at Training Industry, Inc. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with training management experts about the benefits of continuing professional development.

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Sustaining Training’s Impact: A Learning Leader Challenge

The objective of any training program is impactful performance improvement and behavior change, as well as sustaining the impact of training. As simple of a task as that may sound, Training Industry research found that many L&D leaders find it challenging, and there are many elements that go into accomplishing such a goal. They include the effective evaluation of training and the collection of data to determine whether a learning behavior has changed, and whether that change has been sustained over time.

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Kenneth Baucum, CPTM was interviewed for this article.